Name of ArticleDescription
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"Artist Distills A Florida Scene"Absolut Florida ad, Miami Herald Newspaper, 1/30/92
"Awards Offered For Interior Design"Absolut Expression, competition open to Hispanic designers, members of recognized interior design organizations and interior design students over the age of 21, Miami Herald Newspaper, 9/8/96
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"Common Theme Among Ad Winners: Humor"Melanie Wells, USA Today Newspaper, Mon., May 15, 1995, page 4B (Money Section)
"Coolest Hotel in the World is Made Out of Ice"Absolut Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, sponsored by Absolut Vodka, The New National Enquirer, 2/24/98 (p. 18-19)
"Courting The Gay Market"Martha T. Moore, USA Today Newspaper, Fri., April 23, 1993, page 1B (Money Section)
"Deal Combines Ad Agencies TBWA, Chiat/Day"Bruce Horovitz, USA Today Newspaper, Wed., Feb. 1, 1995, page 2B (Money Section)
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"Drink Up"Kurant introduced in France with 3,500 sets of Kurant purple lip stick and nail polish designed by Gherlain given away
"Dumped by Absolut, Grand Met Adopts Stoli"USA Today Newspaper, Wed., Jan. 12, 1994, page 5B (Money Section)
"Encounter With Space Craze Launches Ad Blitz"Melanie Wells, USA Today Newspaper, Mon., July 14, 1997, page 1B (Money Section)
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"It's Enough to Drive the Distillers to Drink"shows liquor sales from 1979-89 and includes "Absolut as the top imported vodka due to its striking ads and appeal to status seekers.", Teresa Wiltz, Business Week 6/25/90 (p.98-9)
"Jensen Beach Man Drops To Fifth In Hobie Races"About Absolut Vodka Hobie 14 Turbo National Championships, sailboat race compitition, Miami Herald Newspaper, 10/29/84
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"La Combinación Ganadora"Spanish article about alcohol which mentions Absolut and gives three recipes that can be made with Absolut, "Vodka Con Limón" (Vodka with Lemon Juice), which pictures an Absolut Vodka bottle, "Vodka Con Tónica" (Vodka with Tonic), and "Vodka Con Naranja" (Vodka with Orange Juice), Quo Magazine [Spanish], Julio 1998, No. 34 (p. 151 - 156)
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"Liquor Firms Enjoy Happy Hour"Melanie Wells, USA Today Newspaper, Fri., July 14, 1995, page 1B (Money Section)
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"Media Talk: ON MEDIA AND ADVERTISING: IN PRINT AND ON THE AIR: Holidays prompt a spirited battle among world's top vodka-makers"Jerry Scott, Atlanta Journal Constition, 11/16/93
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"Message in a Bottle"Credits Steve Bronstein and Geoff Hays with success of the sky rocketing sales since 1980, Lynn Snowden, Advertising Age 6/1/87 (p.c10-c13)
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"Minimum Wage"USA Today Newspaper, Thur., Oct. 14, 1993, page 12B (Money Section)
"`Monk' Takes The Road Less Traveled"Deirdre Donahue, USA Today Newspaper, Fri., June 21, 1991, page 5D (Life Section); Note: Monk is an Absolut sponsored travel magazine
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"Neat Shot"Absolut bucks the trend even as it sets them by leading its category in growth in a very dry market, Brian Bagot, Marketing and Media Decisions 3/89 (p.73-4,78)
"New ads from the pan-European Campaign for Absolut Vodka"Pictures A. Orgin, Duty-Free, Climate [Russian], Groove, Plus, Harvest, Purity, Freedom, Lurzer's Int'l Archive, Volume 2 1997
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"Nothing But Red Sky: Agency Wins Absolut Vodka Business"Adweek, 1/5/98 (p. 24)
"On a tours soif d'Absolut"French article about Absolut with pictures of Absolut Illusion, Memphis, Creation, and Book, Max Magazine 11/97 (p. 56)
"On the Edge of Real or Nadav Kander versus a Computer"Russian article about computerized photography with picture of Absolut Manhattan, Foto & Video [Russian], 11/97 (p. 90)
"On the Web, New Threats Seen to the Young"Mentions Absolut ad collecting on the internet, New York Times 3/7/97
"`Out' Draws Advertisers To Magazine For Homosexuals"Pat Guy, USA Today Newspaper, Mon., June 15, 1992, page 4B (Money Section)
"Painter Masters The Art Of Giving Britto’s Work Is Helping Bring People Together"Mentions Britto's painting for Absolut, Miami Herald Newspaper, 3/17/96
"Panelists Represent Some of Ad Industry's Giants"USA Today Newspaper, Mon., Nov. 4, 1996, page 5B (Bonus Section)
"Patrons Hit the Sauce"About librarians cracking down on ad collectors, Evan St.Lifer, Library Journal 11/1/96 (p.18)
"Potential For Fame? Absolut-ly Vodka Makers Taps S. Florida Designer"Absolut Fashion ads, Miami Herald Newspaper, 3/8/92
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"Retailer Targets Gay Market"Martha T. Moore, USA Today Newspaper, Tues., Aug. 18, 1992, page 2B (Money Section)
"Sail Races Head Into 2nd Round"About Absolut Vodka Hobie 14 National Championships, sailboat race compitition, Miami Herald Newspaper, 10/28/84
"Seagram: An Intoxicating Force"David Craig, USA Today Newspaper, Wed., June 8, 1994, page 3B (Money Section)
"Seagram Americas' Absolut Vodka first gay print ad for Gay Pride Month..."mini article on A. Pride, Advertising Age, July 30, 1997 (pg 6)
"Seagram Exec Firm in Support of TV Spots"About Seagram's Crown Royal whiskey TV ad, mentions Absolut commercial for Fall 1995, but no TV companies wanting to run the ad first, Advertising Age, 4/7/97
"Sexier the Better, Student Body Says"How Absolut earned #1 spot in favorite print ad over last years, Anita Busch, The College Market, 2/5/90 (p.s1)
"Sometimes Ads Hit Target But Missed Cut"Dottie Enrico, USA Today Newspaper, Mon., May 13, 1996, page 3B (Money Section)
"Split Cover Sparks Debate"Martha T. Moore, USA Today Newspaper, Mon., Feb. 15, 1993, page 5B (Money Section)
"Stocking stuffer: A $25 billion holiday ad blitz"Absolut Warmth, mentions exact date of New York Magazine which published Absolut Warmth, Dottie Enrico, Fri., Nov. 25, 1994, page 2B (Money Section)
"`Stolar System' Hopes For Absolut Knockout"Martha T. Moore, USA Today Newspaper, Mon., May 6, 1991, page 1B (Money Section)
"Summer promises an Absolut Scorcher"Shows "Absolut Prescott." display stand and two ads(?), "Absolut Scorcher." and "Absolut Millevolte.", Point of Purchase, March/April 98
"Sweden to Hopefuls: Absolut is Not For Sale"About Absolut being sold, Advertising Age, 5/28/97
"Swedes Use Heritage For Inspiration"Carolyn White, USA Today Newspaper, Thur., Oct. 24, 1991, page 8C (Sports Section)
"Swedish Ad Guru Departs Agency"About Hans Brindfors, Absolut Vodka bottle designer, departing Lowe-Brindfors, Stockholm, Advertising Age, 9/27/95
"TBWA Chiat/Day Pulls Ski-Related Absolut Ad"Absolut Vail and Absolut Killington being pulled from publications, Los Angeles Times Newspaper, 1/9/98 (p. D-2)
"TBWA Makes Moves in Moscow and South Africa"Absolut in Russia, Adweek, 8/14/95 (p. 14)
"TBWA Pulls Vodka Ads"Absolut Vail and Absolut Killington being pulled from publications, Wall Street Journal, 1/8/98
"TBWA Shelves Plan to Create Absolut Cinema Ads"Film and Literature ads, Shelley Garcia, Adweek, 8/14/95 (p. 5)
"The Absolut Truth"Busch, Akiko, article from Digital Creativity, May 1996 (pg 28)
"The Tiny Bottles With the Big Kick"Martha T. Moore, USA Today Newspaper, Tues., June 9, 1992, page 9E (Bonus Section)
"This Vodka Has Legs"Article from New Yorker, 9/12/94 (pg 62)
"Toute La Saga En Un Livre"French article with pictures of Absolut Book [French Edition], Absolut Supermodel, and Absolut Karaoke, Photo Magazine [French], 10/97 (p. 20)
"Tres Pub, Tres Mode: Le Calendrier 98 d'Absolut"French article about 1998 British Absolut Fashion catalog with picture front of calender with woman with a metal strapless braw on wich says "Absolut Vodka", Photo [French], 11/97 (p. 37)
"Twas the Season to Get Greetings"describes holiday cards that are exceptional because of their use of design and topography, Michael Karol, Graphics Art Monthly 2/94 (p.96)
"Two Tied For Hobie Lead"About Absolut Vodka Hobie 14 National Championships, sailboat race compitition, Miami Herald Newspaper, 11/2/84
"U.S.-Soviet Parley Parlayed Into New Ads"Stuart Elliott, USA Today Newspaper, Wed., May 30, 1990, page 1B (Money Section)
"Use Alcohol Responsibly"USA Today Newspaper, Thur., June 25, 1992, page 12A (News Section)
"Versace Goes Polar with Absolut"Absolut Versace collection, Elaine Underwood, Brandweek 1/27/97 (p.4)
"Vodka Ad's A Snowstopper"About 1988 christmas spectacular, Miami Herald Newspaper, 12/19/88
"Vodka Ad So `Taste'-ful That It's Against the Law"USA Today Newspaper, Wed., July 5, 1989, page 4B (Money Section)
"Vodka Makers Locked in Spirited Ad War"Stuart Elliott, USA Today Newspaper, Wed., July 5, 1989, page 4B (Money Section)
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"Warhol's brother gives art a pop"Christopher John Farley, USA Today Newspaper, Mon., March 12, 1990, page 1D (Life Section)
"Warm and Tender"A. Warmth gloves that appeared in NY magazine, Graphics Art Monthly 12/94 (p.108)
"WHAT'S HOT"The Absolut Book, Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper, 2/9/98 (p. B5)
"With a Twist"Absolut and Roux, Entepreneur, 11/94 (p. 158)
"Wolfschmidt Vodka Campaign"vodka advertising in America from 1960 to present, pictures A. Clarity, Perfection, L.A. and Pepper, CRITIQUE, Summer 97 (p. 50-59)
ad: "14th Annual Summer Party"Ad for fundraiser party in Los Angeles, California for APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles) sponsored by Absolut Citron, Out Magazine, 7/98 (p. 113)
ad: "Arena at Harvey Nichols"Ad advertising party sponsored by Absolut Vodka, Arean 5/97, (p. 192)
ad: "Learning digital art techniques on CD-ROM"Ad with Absolut Gartel picture on it, PC Photo Magazine, November/December 1997 (p. 57)
ad: "New York Magazine Award Winners"Ad for winners of the New York Magazine contest for education pioneers in New York City, Absolut sponsored, New York, 12/15/97 and 12/22-29/97 [2 pages]
ad: "Sofa Exposition 1998"Full page ad for the SOFA exposition in Chicago 1998, sponsored by Absolut, Chicago Reader Newspaper, 10/9/98 (p. 34)
ad: "Sofa Exposition 1998"Half page ad for the SOFA exposition in Chicago 1998, sponsored by Absolut, NewCity Newspaper, 10/8/98 (p. 39, bottom half)
brochure: "Out to Party"Brochure in magazine produced by Seagram Americas and Out Magazine, contains Absolut Restraint (p. 2), Absolut Au Kurant [corset] (p. 9), and eleven Absolut recipes on page 12 and all four Absolut bottles on page 13, which are on large orange coasters floating in the air, Out Magazine, 7/98 (between pages 32 and 33)
re: 5/94 Elle Magazine fashion collectionPictures of ads made by Rene Ruiz and Fernando Garcia, Miami Herald Newspaper, 5/4/94
re: Absolut AmazementMiami Herald Newspaper, 4/16/93
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