Absolut Vodka - The Official Website
Description: The official Absolut Vodka Web site serves up cocktail recipes, the ads, the bottle and more.

Review: Fairly good website, although personally I think the new design is sort of cheesy, especially for the official site. Ironically parts of it remind me of the Absolut April First ad in that the sections concentrate on information about Absolut Vodka, rather than creatively marketing Absolut on the internet. The sections Absolut Shots, Absolut Lights, Absolut Director and Absolut Pictures resemble the purpose of the old site though (absolutvodka.com), so there is still some cool Absolut related art on their website.

Description: In 1980, the New York Times published the first Absolut Vodka ad in the form in which it has survived to date. Absolut Perfection left the drawing boards of TBWA advertising agency beginning a phenomenal and longest ever advertising campaign. Over 1,400 ads have been created to this date, and these pages are a tribute to the imagination and artistic feeling reflected in these ads.

Review: Mainly focusing on European ads, AbsolutAds.com consists of ad news, a gallery, and cocktail recipes. AbsolutAds.com updates frequently with ad locations and scans of ads not available anywhere else on the internet.

Absolut Connection
Description: dedicated to the Absolut Vodka Ad campaign. A must see for any Absolut Ad collector. HUGE image gallery, locations list and more...

Review: Although the site design is a bit lacking, it is easy to forget about after viewing the Absolut ad scan gallery. Absolut Connection definitely has more scans than any other site out there. The page also contains Absolut Vodka information, recipes, ads for sale, and a doubles list.

Websolut Vodka
Description: (none available)

Review: Well designed site featuring information on the Absolut bottle, history of Absolut, and scans of Swedish ads.

Absolut Vodka Advertisement Archive
Description: (none available)

Review: Nicely organized site consisting of hundreds of Absolut ad scans. Well worth visiting.

Absolut Alurgee
Description: Site devoted to Absolut Vodka Collectible Advertisements...

Features: List of Ads, List of Doubles, History of Absolut Vodka, and Original Absolut Ads.





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