September 7, 2003

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Bourgeois, Absolut Kurant [havest], Absolut Nacken [w/ bio].
     New US Ads: Absolut Click, Absolut Infinity.

August 9, 2003

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Prego, Absolut Sabor.
     New US Ad: Absolut E. Lynn.

July 21, 2003

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Festival, Absolut Idol, Absolut Manila, Absolut Nomad, Absolut Premiere.
     New US Ads: Absolut Experience [2003], Absolut Nation.

June 29, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Midsommar [w/ bio].

June 18, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Canada (Spectacular containing 8 Absolut postcards, including the ad title, Absolut Birthday, Absolut Seven, Absolut Vacation, Absolut Guidance, Absolut Rush, Absolut Backbone, and Absolut Mosaic. The ad is only available in select subscription and newsstand copies of Vancouver Magazine.)

June 16, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Biennale., "an online auction of items donated from celebrity closets" with proceeds going to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

June 15, 2003

     New US Ads: Absolut Feng Shui [spectacular], Absolut Pride Guide (advertising section sponsored by Absolut containing Absolut Manhattan and Absolut L.A. [pool]).

June 13, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Armonia.
     New US Ad: Absolut Snap.

June 6, 2003

     New US Ad: Absolut Float.

June 5, 2003

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Frustration, Absolut Gaultier [Oxdans].
     New US Ad: Absolut Feng Shui [mandrin].

May 22, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Absolut Valborg [w/ bio].
     New US Ads: Absolut Ingenuity, Absolut Persistance, Absolut Toone [single], Absolut Expressions [Toone bio].

May 15, 2003

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Blue Noses [w/ bio], Absolut Bromová [w/ bio], Absolut Spring [bottle].
     New US Ad: Absolut Siesta.

May 7, 2003

     New US Ads: Absolut Surveillance, Absolut Urevbu [single], Absolut Expressions [Urevbu bio].

May 2, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Mexico City.

     The Absolut Extract spectacular has now been published in the newsstand copy of the May issue of Interview magazine.

April 19, 2003

     New Spoof Ad: Absolut Saddam [2 page].

April 18, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Collector.

April 12, 2003

     An interesting Absolut sponsored site - Flavorpill.

April 11, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Attitude.

April 9, 2003

     New US Ad: Absolut Patience [1-page].

April 8, 2003

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Evidence [black] (finger prints will show up as white on the ad if touched), Absolut Santiago, Absolut Spa.

     A small note: Absolut L.A. in Interview magazine is part of a special advertising section, including two Ruben Toledo illustrations, one of a list of the advertisers in the section (including Absolut), and the other of Audrey Hepburn infront of an Absolut movie poster.

April 2, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Etiquette.
     New US Ads: Absolut Anderson [single], Absolut Expressions [Anderson bio], Absolut Awe, Absolut Heavyweight, Absolut L.A. [credits], Absolut Patience.
     New Absolut Article: "Absolut Relevance".

March 9, 2003

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Haronitaki [w/ bio], Absolut Nowak [w/ bio], Absolut Rumour/Absolut Truth.
     New US Ads: Absolut Denmark [single], Absolut Expressions [Denmark bio], Absolut Extract.

February 3, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut INXS [w/ bio].
     New US Ad: Absolut Impact.

January 29, 2003

     New US Ads: Absolut Origin [1-page], Absolut Riley-Webb [single], Absolut Expressions [Riley-Webb bio], Absolut Sanctity [1-page].

January 11, 2003

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Ecstasy of St. Theresa.
     New US Ads: Absolut Halo, Absolut Queen [album cover].

     New Links added - and Websolut Vodka.

December 28, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Gaultier [Alva photo], Absolut Miles [w/ bio].

December 14, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut 20 000 Lieues, Absolut Broad Band, Absolut Guadalajara, Absolut Monterrey, Absolut Priest [w/ bio].

November 22, 2002

     New US Ads: Absolut Naughty/Absolut Nice [pair], Absolut Woodson [single], Absolut Expressions [Woodson bio].

November 17, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Gaultier [Midsommar photo], Absolut Colette, Absolut Fooding, Absolut Ritual, Absolut Anonymous.
     New US Ads: Absolut Origin, Absolut Sanctity.

November 5, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Amica, Absolut Femininity.

November 4, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Underground [w/ bio].
     New US Ad: Absolut Stella.
     New Absolut Article: "Absolut West Hollywood".

October 27, 2002

     New US Ad: Absolut Naughty.

October 22, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Citron [grater with tagline], Absolut Hagen, Absolut Legends [Collection].
     New US Ads: Absolut Brown [single], Absolut Expressions [Brown bio].

October 6, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Pistols [w/ bio].
     New US Ad: Absolut Chevalier.

September 13, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Hollow.

September 12, 2002

     New US Ads: Absolut Bailey [single], Absolut Expressions [Bailey bio].

August 31, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: [cursor], Absolut Perrin, Absolut Cruelty, Absolut Femininity.
     New US Ad: Absolut Mix.

August 22, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Amaze.

August 20, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Bowie [w/ bio], Absolut Revelation (for some reason I did not realize this was a new ad - check the On The Newsstand section for locations).

August 11, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Shimmer.
     New US Ads: Absolut Amaki [single], Absolut Expressions [Amaki bio], Absolut Latest.

August 3, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Techno.





July 18, 2002

     New US Ad: Absolut Experience [Martha's Vineyard show ad].

July 12, 2002

     New US Ads: Absolut Stout [single], Absolut Expressions [Stout bio], Absolut Expressions [1/2pg Absolut Expressions Art Tour ad].

July 1, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut D.I.Y.

June 30, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Suspects.

June 11, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Jazz, Absolut Squeeze [mandrin - absolutdigitalart tagline].

June 6, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Apres, Absolut Buenos Aries, Absolut Director/Frankenstein, Absolut Frankenstein/Psyco, Absolut Seoul.

May 24, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: [2002], Absolut Moscow [Absolut Cities of the World Series w/ city guide "Moscow - New Wave"].

May 18, 2002

     New US Ads: Absolut Quencher, Absolut Yoga.

May 16, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Caiproska.
     New US Ads: Absolut Taste Test, Absolut Chong [single], Absolut Expressions [Chong bio].

April 24, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Haring [A. Paik], Absolut Star Gazing [May/June].
     New US Ads: Absolut Envy, Absolut Truth?.
     New Absolut Exhibit Scans: Other: Absolut Haring [A. Paik].

April 17, 2002

     New US Ads: Absolut Lovell [single], Absolut Expressions [Lovell Bio].

April 6, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Expansion.

March 30, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Confusion, Absolut Hors D'oeuvre [Absolut Vodka is proud to sponsor the 13th annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards.].

March 27, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Luck [oyster].

March 24, 2002

     New US Ads: Absolut Citron [lemon with dew drops], Absolut Pistols.

March 20, 2002

     New US Ad: Absolut Kurant [corset, 2002].

March 19, 2002

     Currently I am having some problems with my domain and working on getting my website switched to a different server. Sorry for any down time, Absolut Unknown isn't going anywhere though. Also any e-mail sent to me between March 11 and March 19 was not recieved, so please try sending it again.

     New US Ad: Absolut Alvin Loving [single w/ bio].

March 9, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Girlfriends.

March 8, 2002

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Tallinn [w/ City Guide].

March 4, 2002

     A small correction: Absolut Speediest is actually named Absolut Fastest. Sorry for any confusion.

March 1, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Homage ["Absolut salutes Fashion's Magazine's 25 years of style"], Absolut McLeod.
     New US Ad: Absolut Speediest [spectacular].

February 14, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Cities of the World, Absolut Freedom [Romanian].
     New US Ads: Absolut Furst, Absolut Robin Holder [single w/ bio].
     New Absolut Collection: Absolut Expressions [2002]: "A Celebration of 14 African-American Artists Inspired by Absolut." Contains:
     Absolut Expressions
     Absolut Amaki
     Absolut Anderson
     Absolut Bailey
     Absolut Brown
     Absolut Chong
     Absolut Denmark
     Absolut Holder
     Absolut Lovell
     Absolut Loving
     Absolut Riley-Webb
     Absolut Stout
     Absolut Toone
     Absolut Urevbu
     Absolut Woodson
     artist bios page

January 31, 2002

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut 110(degrees) [Australian], Absolutamente El Andar [spoof].

December 30, 2001

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Narcissist.

December 28, 2001

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Lino [w/ Via Allegro Ristorante Wine+Food Experience page].

December 19, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Brrrr!!!, Absolut Future [hands].
     New US Ads: Absolut Cozy [spectacular], Absolut Priest.
     New Absolut Collection: Absolut Calendar 2002 [French]: Twelve month fashion calendar similar to the Chameleon Collection, Ephemera Collection, and Traveling Colletion. Contains:
     Absolut Duality (cover)
     Absolut Beginning & End (January)
     Absolut Yurkievich & Olvera (February)
     Absolut Strength Of Opposites (March)
     Absolut Gaultier & Daughters Of Style (April)
     Absolut Eternal & Immobile (May)
     Absolut Arakawa & Arkadius (June)
     Absolut Old To New (July)
     Absolut Otazu & Delcour (August)
     Absolut Warms & Burns (September)
     Absolut Jones & Flor (October)
     Absolut Ambivalence & Equilibrium (November)
     Absolut Kereklidou & Lourenco (December)

December 9, 2001

     New Foreign Ads:, Absolut Haunt [Passionate Sunset Martini Recipe - 2/3 page], Absolut Haunt [The Big Pink Recipe - 2/3 page], Absolut Phenomenon [Stars], Absolut Star Gazing [September Night Sky - 1/3 page], Absolut Star Gazing [November Night Sky - 1/3 page], Absolut Small Space, Win A Small Space Makeover! [2/3 page], Absolut Turchi.

     Previously I said I was going to start up the links page but as of now nothing was ever put up. Attempting to go through all the Absolut sites at once turned out to be a bit boring and I never got through the amount of sites I wanted to. Now, the new plan is to add sites whenever I find them and have time to review them. There are three categories of sites: Featured Sites, Information Based Sites, and Fan Sites. Featured Sites are ones I consider to be unique and very useful to Absolut Collectors. Information Based Sites are sites similar to my own, who's main focus is to provide a resource for Absolut collectors to find information on Absolut Ads. Fan Based Sites are sites who's main goal is to generate trades with other users.

     Sites Added Today:
        Absolut Vodka - The Official Website
        Absolut Vodka Advertisement Archive
        Absolut Connection
        Absolut Alurgee

December 4, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Higgens, Absolut Unique.
     New US Ads: Absolut Space.

November 24, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Iguana.
     New US Ads: Absolut Cozy, Absolut Miles, Absolut Obsession.

November 15, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Beat, Absolut Daisy.
     New US Ads: Absolut Gossip, Absolut Reunion, Absolut Squeeze [Mandrin bottle].

November 3, 2001

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Music.
     New US Ad: Absolut Underground.

October 21, 2001

     Currently at Virgin Records Stores a Absolut Classic Album Covers poster is available featuring 4 Absolut album cover ads, Absolut Bowie, Absolut John&Yoko, Absolut Priest, and Absolut Underground. The poster is offered with the purchase of two of the album's featured on the poster.

     Absolut is running a digital art contest of sorts with Shift and Vice magazines. If selected by the submission panel your work could be featured on the Absolut Digital Art website, Shift magazine, and Vice magazine. Unfortunetly this contest is only open to Canadian citizens 19 years of age or older. For more information check out the Absolut Digital Art website at

     While checking out the TBWA website I noticed an Absolut Case Study section. When the section first loads there is an interesting game where you are suppose to match the name of the ad with the picture shown. Who ever made it must not have been that familiar with the ad campaign though, the Absolut Au Kurant hair ad is simply labeled "Absolut Kurant". There are some ads I have'nt seen in a while on there though, so I thought it was pretty neat and worth a mention. Also, each time you play the game it loads new ads.

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Cannibale, Absolut Singapore [Scanorama Pacific Cities Series w/ Guide].
     New US Ads: Absolut San Diego, Absolut Voted-Off.

October 20, 2001

     New US Ad: Absolut John&Yoko.

October 15, 2001

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Folie's Pigalle.

October 10, 2001

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Liposuction.

October 7, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Bala [2001], Absolut Bala Cocktails [2001].

October 5, 2001

     New US Ad: Absolut Nectar.

October 2, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut VIP, Absolut Warhol [2 page horizontal layout].

September 29, 2001

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Morph [3D Spectacular].

September 27, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Harvest, Absolut Host.

September 23, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Cool, Absolut Instructions [1/3 page].
     New US Ad: Absolut Betty.

September 21, 2001

     If you are interested in winning some Absolut stuff, check out Absolut Host. The contest is being run by the magazine Canadian House and Home, and is mentioned on the ads Absolut Harvest/Absolut Host in the magazine. The contest may only be open to Canadian residents, I am not sure.

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut 90-60-90, Absolut Auckland [Scanorama Pacific Cities Series w/ Guide], Absolut Blekner [misspelling of Bleckner], Absolut Download [1 page].

September 5, 2001

     New US Ad: Absolut Bowie.

September 2, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Getaway, Absolut Get-Together, Ab__l_t V__dka (hangman).

August 28, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Anonymous, Absolut Beijing.

August 27, 2001

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Stage Fright (subtext: "Good Luck to all Fringe performers from Absolut Vodka.").

August 24, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Sommar 2001 [Swedish]: Guide to what is hot in Sweden this summer. Contains: Absolut Sommar [sweat], Absolut Somnlos, Absolut Midsommardagen, and Absolut Fjolarets (and older ads - Absolut Obsession,, Absolut Karaoke).
     New Absolut Exhibit Scans: Canada: Absolut Story, Absolut Turn Off. US: Absolut Citron [contest], Absolut Congratulations.

August 22, 2001

     If you've bookmarked Absolut Unknown in Internet Explorer please delete the bookmark and recreate it. I created a favicon for the site since I got a little bored. Btw, favicons are the small icons that show up in the IE location bar before the url and IE bookmark menus like CNN, NBC, ZDNet, and many other websites have. Also the Absolut Links list will be done soon.

August 14, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Cinemania, Absolut Hong Kong, Absolut Melbourne [Scanorama Pacific Cities Series w/ Guide], Absolut Mistrial.
     New Absolut Collection: Absolut Seven [Australian]: Ads based on the seven sins. Contains: Absolut Seven, Absolut Gluttony, Absolut Greed, Absolut Sloth, Absolut Envy, Absolut Wrath, Absolut Pride, Absolut Lust. [Note: this is also being referred to as the Absolut Sin Collection, but because the first ad is named Absolut Seven and "seven" isn't a sin, I think its more accurate to call it the Absolut Seven Collection.]

August 8, 2001

     I updated some of the graphics... they still need some tweeking, but the old ones were annoying me too much.

July 29, 2001

     New US Ad: Absolut Welcome [passport book and stamper].

July 17, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Eldorado, Chez Absolut.
     New US Ad: Absolut GLAAD [w/ tagline: "Absolut Vodka is proud to present the 11th Annual GLAAD Media Awards."].

July 9, 2001

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Holiday. [German]

June 30, 2001

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Feng Shui.

June 29, 2001

     New Absolut Exhibit Scans: US: Absolut Philip, Absolut Sullivan, Absolut Valentine, Absolut Yuskavage.

June 28, 2001

     New Absolut Exhibit Scans: US: Abolut Holliday, Absolut Lyon, Absolut Tambella. A Bomb Magazine section was added to the Exhibit and expect more Bomb Magazine scans soon!

June 23, 2001

     New Absolut Exhibit Scans: US: Absolut Dad (front and back).

June 18, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Mandrin, Absolut 23,5 CM, Absolut Sydney [Scanorama Pacific Cities Series w/ Guide].

June 5, 2001

     New US Ads:

June 3, 2001

     New Absolut Exhibit Scans: US: Absolut 24th, Absolut Citron [taxis], Absolut Homage, Absolut Menchin, Absolut Plunkett, Absolut Scrooge. The Wired Magazine ads are now in their own section on the US page.

June 2, 2001

     New Foreign Ads: Absolut Kyoto [Scanorama Pacific Cities Series w/ Guide].

May 24, 2001

     New Absolut Exhibit Scans: US: Absolut McGlynn, Absolut Selkirk, Absolut Y2K. These will later be moved into a Wired Magazine section after I have time to organize the Exhibit to contain multiple pages in one section (at which time more Wired ads will be scanned).

May 11, 2001

     New Foreign Ad: Absolut Bangkok.
     New US Ads: Absolutly [booklet], Absolut LA International [2001], Absolute Var [spoof].

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